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Red Orchid Wellness Clinic is an established, successful and busy practice in the hub of Nowra, on the South Coast. Red Orchid provides a range of therapeutic modalities that offer a holistic approach to health care. The therapies include acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, osteopathy, massage, naturopathy & nutrition, psychotherapy & counselling.

Personalised integrative medicine is on its ascent. This is being made possible by community support, a growing literature base and positive clinical outcomes that support its safety and efficacy.

At Red Orchid – We believe being truly healthy can be achieved when all aspects of our lives are in balance and that even when one is confronted with disharmony or ‘dis-ease’, an experience of ‘well-being’ can still be achieved. We strive to provide a caring and supportive environment to assist in reaching your personal health goals. We value a patient centred approach and encourage individuals to be involved in their own health journey.

We aim to be accessible and offer quality care –

  • Everyone should have access to quality complementary health care. We are located in central Nowra and provide off street parking at the rear of the building, we have a ramp for wheelchair access.
  • Everyone should have access to well qualified complementary therapists. Our therapists are all highly qualified and members of their respective associations and are diligent and committed to their work and remain steadfast in their pursuit to keep up to date with latest research, seminars and EBP (evidence based practice).

The clinic has a special focus on women’s health and fertility support and has helped many couples in their journey through preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

Red Orchid Wellness Clinic began in 2007 as Red Orchid Traditional Chinese Medicine and has organically evolved into an integrative complementary health care centre, hence the name change to Red Orchid Wellness Clinic – a multimodality clinic that offers the community a way to wellness.