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Counselling and Psycotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy supports individuals to develop a better understanding of themselves and others, to address life’s difficulties and to help one to make the changes they want in their lives.

Therapy can help to resolve crises, reduce distress and develop goals for change and improving wellbeing. Assistance with problem solving and developing inner resources to move on with life in meaningful ways can help an individual to change long-standing patterns of behaviour that may be disrupting relationships, work and study.

What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?
The word Counselling and Psychotherapy are used interchangeably. In the context of mental health, ‘counselling’ is generally used to denote a relatively brief treatment that is focused mostly upon behaviour. It often targets a problematic situation and offers suggestion or advice to deal with it. ’Psychotherapy,’ on the other hand, is generally a longer term treatment and it focuses more on gaining insight into chronic emotional and physical problems. Psychotherapy in general is more focused on the individual’s thought processes and way of being in the world, rather than specific problems.

Who seeks talking therapy?
Often individuals choose to have therapy due to experiencing difficulties and distress in their life. Sometimes people may be isolated or, they may be well supported by family and friends, but still find they are feeling anxious and/or depressed. For some people it may be easier to talk about personal, family, or relationship issues with a person who is independent of friends and family. Other life issues and events which can be very difficult to deal with, including bereavement, divorce, redundancy, health issues, bullying etc. However, you do not have to be in crisis before choosing to have therapy. You may just be experiencing underlying feelings of dissatisfaction with life in general, or be seeking balance in your life. All of these reasons will bring individuals to therapy.

Therapy provides a safe space, which is confidential, private and uninterrupted. Therapy is available for individuals, couples, families and groups.