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Traditional Chinese Therapies

Fertility & Pregnancy Support

We commonly treat Endometriosis, PCOS, dysmenorrhea (painful periods), infertility , irregular periods, morning sickness, threatened miscarriage, breech presentation, induction/prebirth treatment, mastitis, insufficient lactation, postpartum care, postnatal depression, menopause.

Acupuncture and herbs support fertility in a woman in preparation for pregnancy by-

Increasing the blood to the uterus and ovaries

Regulating the hormones of the menstrual cycle

Generating cervical fertile mucous

Increasing the thickness of the endometrium (lining of uterus)

Promoting ovulation and assisting egg quality

Supporting the luteal phase – progesterone

Fascilitating embryo implantation and preventing miscarriage.

‘Women who take Chinese herbs prior to and sometimes during an IVF cycle are thought to create more mature follicles and eggs and make healthier embryos. The combination of Chinese herbs with acupuncture, lifestyle, diet and antioxidant therapy can greatly enhance IVF success.’ (Kathryn taylor)

The Fertility Society of Australia is currently researching the safety and benefits of using complementary medicine as IVF support.

For research and reviews: The Acupuncture IVF Support Clinic –