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Traditional Chinese Therapies

Cupping is also used in conjunction with acupuncture.

It involves suction cups, which are made of bamboo, glass or plastic, being applied to soft tissue areas such as the shoulders, back and thighs.

When the cups are applied, they cause a vacuum effect which can benefit muscular stiffness and tension, cold and flu, sports injuries, back pain and neurological disorders.

Another healing aspect of cupping therapy is to draw out toxins in the body. The suction that is created by the cups can penetrate deeply into the tissues causing the muscles to release harmful toxins. This process triggers the lymphatic system, clears the blood vessels and activates the skin.

Cupping can speed the recovery of cold and flu by stimulating the function of the lungs. Cups are applied on the back over the lung area to facilitate the expectoration of congested material.

Aches and pains are often relieved with cupping by drawing heat to the surface to encourage the expulsion of the pathogenic factor. Applying liniment to the local area can enhance this process. Therefore it is beneficial for many respiratory conditions.

Massage cupping is an effective addition to traditional cupping and is effective at releasing rigid soft tissue and draining excess fluids.