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Traditional Chinese Therapies

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used successfully for thousands of years and many current research articles support the safety and efficacy of its use.

After a diagnosis has been made, a specific prescription will be formulated according to the individual’s needs. The herbal prescription will be dispensed in the pill, capsule, granule, powder or raw form. Leah from Red Orchid Traditional Chinese Medicine uses carefully selected herbal medicine from mainland China which has been processed into granules form; this is a convenient way for the patient to take the herbal medicine.

Each individual herbal ingredient is an extract from the raw form and is cooked, carbonized, roasted, processed with honey, wine, vinegar or ginger, according to traditional guidelines, in order to reduce toxicity and increase effectiveness.

China west granules are used in over 600 hospitals in China.

China West granulated herbs meet TGA and GMP standards.

How to take granules…
Put one teaspoon (or as practitioner prescribed) of herbal granules in a cup and pour hot water over them. Leave them to cool for a few minutes then stir and drink. Take ½-1 hour away from food – before or after.

We use safe, non toxic and ethical Chinese herbs that are easy to take.

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